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This group is to connect and support Muslim parents and youth among us who believe in early marriages as Sunnah within lawful age ( 18+). We need a transformation at the community level. This doesn't happen overnight, takes time and lots of courage from parents.

A lot of parents who believe in early marriages, don't speak up to avoid mocking or backlash or being called naive. If you know parents who believe in the same concept of early marriage as Sunnah and would like to marry their boys and girls early, we would be interested in talking to them, please join the support network to engage with like-minded Muslims.

This network sees a dire need for the change of mentality and perspective about nikah - the support system of like-minded Muslim parents who believe in protecting their kids from Shaitan by engaging them with the halal relationship of nikah in this hypersexualized society.

- Let's open the conversations broadly to invite more thinkers, movers and shakers!

These conversations should happen as more and more parents are only interested in giving a career to their boys and girls without giving marriage a priority. Marriage is not even discussed at home until these boys and girls make a steady income, which sometimes is too late to get a suitable match. If you are interested in working on this particular issue, please contact our team of passionate parents on Facebook group:

Make Nikah Easy Our Priority

Email: muslimmom1@gmail.com